Environment Design Clockmills Drive Pt1

There are a number of considerations in regards to the sets and backgrounds of Clockmills Drive. This primarily boils down to a choice between 2D or 3D backgrounds.

Full 3D backgrounds have the advantage of being able to be rendered with all other elements. This means that light and shadows could be calculated by the computer at render time. Layers could later be composited and each element that makes up the shot could be adjusted. Namely, shadows, reflections, occlusion and so forth. The disadvantage is the time ith would take to produce the backgrounds as well as the willingness to do them. My personal focus is on the characters which in themselves take up a lot of time.

Usage of 3D graphics in comic illustration allows for more complex angles due to the nature of 3D design. While traditional drawn comic illustration does allow for various angle, the artist often has to commit to a panel angle and rendering takes time.

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