Iguana Study for Killer’s Character in Clockmills Drive

This is a realistic study of an iguana for a character in Clockmills Drive. Clockmills Drive is a long form graphic novel I am working on. This is an incomplete work in progress break down that features my workflow within ZBrush. Some of the videos feature my own music and others feature live recorded streetContinue reading “Iguana Study for Killer’s Character in Clockmills Drive”

Posing and Rendering in Zbrush for Clockmills Drive

Some more work on Clockmills Drive after many months progress is being made. There are a number of issues that are still being worked out but that’s all part of the fun and stresses of working in 3D. These video’s detail some of the work that has gone into two shots of a single scene.Continue reading “Posing and Rendering in Zbrush for Clockmills Drive”

Ink Look For Clockmills

Here I am testing out a few different organic styles for Clockmills. It is a delicate balance between look and efficiency for sequential art forms such as this. While I could spend weeks and weeks on a single image if the final output was one single image, for projects that require a sequences speed becomesContinue reading “Ink Look For Clockmills”